Market Entry and Business Strategy

At Surfboard Ltd, I was involved in the development, design and implementation an effective business strategy and architecture and for Surfboard and its financial institutional partners. Surfboard Ltd was a technology company that provided a financial service platform for fund managers, stockbrokers, accountants and financial planners. The platform was a J2EE compliant system with easy integration to other systems.

I was also involved in developing and implementing a business plan for an investment in two industry B2B marketplaces for the resources and agricultural industries using the Ariba Tradex Platform.

  • Developed a web-based wealth management platform for funds managers, brokers and investors. Included financial transactions, portfolios, market information and financial planning.
  • Developed a business and market strategy plan for the platform and a new business model to maximise our competitive advantage – a niche company focused on using technology to differentiate our customers in wealth management.
  • Negotiated agreements with vendors and strategic partners
  • Set up the sales management structure, sales targets and training. Defined new business and sales methods for financial institutions.
  • Implemented structured development and project management methodologies.
  • Designed and implemented the overall technology plan to implement the business model.