Mark Austin.

I am a founder, innovator and investor looking for opportunities in acquiring or JV’s with companies with revenues of 1 million to 10 million.

I studied surveying and engineering; my father was a surveyor and civil engineer. An engineer’s thinking in problem solving is in my psyche.

For many years I was a manager and proprietary trader in financial markets in hedge funds, foreign exchange and bond trading in Sydney, Singapore, London and New York. Over time I gravitated towards technology.

I’m fascinated how technology can create, transform or destroy whole industries in short order. Companies such as Amazon, Tesla, Google or Microsoft didn’t even exist 30 years ago.

From trader to systems and technology.

I traded in Sydney, Singapore and New York – creating strategic positions in commodities and global financial markets. I found it fun and intellectually stimulating but each day was a scorecard of plus or minus dollars.

Using technology to automate trading led me to the next phase of my career. I joined EDS in the CBA account and designed and implemented financial systems in Australia, Germany, USA and Latin America.

I was involved in the development of two wealth management platforms for start-up companies, before designing and implementing the global electronic trading foreign exchange system for the Commonwealth Bank in Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, London and New York.

Building companies.

After strategy consulting to large financial institutions, I decided I should put my money where my mouth is and founded two fintech companies with business partner Greg Bartlett – Cashwerkz – a cash management and fixed interest platform (now called Income Asset Management Group Limited) was listed on the ASX in 2017; and Lendhaus – a commercial real estate finance marketplace platform that is coming to the market now.

I’m now looking for target investment acquisitions and joint ventures in companies with revenues of $1 million to $10 million in the following sectors.

Debt and finance advisory and investment; mortgage and insurance broking; commercial real estate and associated services; digital marketing and lead generation for finance and property and businesses with property assets.

Also interested in engineering and manufacturing companies that have been around for 10 years or so with or without property assets.


What can we do together?