Project – Business Architecture and Design

In this role as business sponsor and Business Architect at CBA, my goal is to provide customers, sales dealers and traders with integrated access to global markets products. This role includes the design and integration of automated pricing and booking systems in an open, flexible and secure architecture. This is a new business model for CBA based on the delivery of products across electronic platforms.

This $2.5 million project provides a platform for automated foreign exchange transactions and straight through processing for CBA customers. These range from large fund managers and large corporates to retail customers. The platform includes internal and external sales channels across Australia and the world. This resulted in the successful implementation of the platform. It is as the infrastructure for extensive use throughout CBA including the CommSee and CommBiz projects.

In this role Mark addressed a reduction in market share in e-fx. He successfully designed and implemented a number of e-commerce projects, including a new global foreign exchange and fixed interest business model in global electronic markets, increasing turnover and profitability by over 500% in 18 months. Mark also deployed a commodities pricing and trading system, and a quantitative pricing model distribution system for derivatives and options.

  • Developed and implemented a strategy and change management plan with a strong technology focus to provide a platform for growth.
  • Designed a customer focused automated foreign exchange pricing and transaction system for CBA’s customer base – from retail to large corporate and institutional customers in Sydney, London and New York.
  • Obtained buy-in from senior management and successfully negotiated the project through bureaucracy and finance committee for approval.
  • Hired and trained project development and sales teams.
  • Implemented an automated foreign exchange pricing and transaction system in Sydney, London and New York for 25% of the cost of large competitor vendor systems.
  • Defined and implemented an e-commerce strategy for CBA global markets, resulting in increased market share in electronic markets – turnover increased from zero to $6 billion per month in 18 months.
    • Increased the number of clients increased from 3 to 2,530 in 18 months.